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MK1234-21 IDEC Robot Safety Unit signalizing Rye Error

MK1234-21MK1234-21 IDEC Robot Safety Unit Ip/op 24v has been used for welding Nachi Control/Manipulator (robotic hand) in order to provide its safe operation. The unit takes a final check that all safety sensors and safety switches are in place and in correct position according to configuration.

In case some of the sensors have not been in right position the safety MK1234-21 IDEC Robot Safety Unit does not active the output relays. Then these relays do not switch the switcher feeding electric power the robotic hand.

MK1234-21 IDEC Robot Safety Unit RyE repair

The defective robot safety unit has been sent to our repair centre from the near car manufacture located in Kolín Czech Republic. The unit stopped its operation after mains electric power supply drop. After turning on the safety unit MK1234-21 again the pannel LED started to signalize error RyE. In the Instruction manual the Rye has been described as a fault of the relay.

The defective safety unit MK1234-21 also sometimes signalized error on the Control panel Robot Kawasaki C50/C52. The machine state called “Preparation of operation” did not activate and the IDEC Robot Safety Unit power supply relays did not switch the power supply into the Nachi Control/Manipulator (robotic hand). At the same time the display on the Control panel Robot Kawasaki C50/C52 showed Error E1103 (W1103).

After the fault analysis in our repair centre an electronic schematics had been created. This helped us to easily locate the defective part of the electronic circuit. Then the  module could be fixed. Repaired and refurbished module has been delivered back to the Automotive manufacture.


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